Company's profile

In 2008, following his retirement from the IDF, Mr. Yoeli Or, with friends in arms and in life as well as specialists in various professional fields, founded the company HOY2050. Managing and leading projects, the company provides assistance in formalizing operational and administrational concepts in the fields of emergency and security, designing processes, providing integrative solutions and technological tools supporting the decision making process and accompanying the project to realization.

The company's vision

The company wishes to be a leading organization security project-management in the field of homeland security, emergency deployment and business entrepreneurship for state agencies in Israel and around the world. HOY strives to be a professional security project leader in the HLS world as well as in emergency deployment for institutions. The company endeavors to be a partner, assist, consult and escort - over time and on many different levels – by leading processes and providing training, solutions, means and support in achieving set goals.